5 Top Help Desk Knowledge Base Software: 2022

online help desk software, Customer service teams that handle a large number of requests will eventually reach the point where they need to upgrade their customer service software, so no customer is left behind and team members have the resources to provide the best customer service.

However, teams that upgrade to a service desk that allows them to build a knowledge base will save more time and money by (1) giving their customers the tools to self-serve and (2) reducing the number of requests they receive from agents. However, it can be difficult to find help desk knowledge base software that is simple and user-friendly – most help desk ticketing systems have many advanced features that your team doesn’t need and can be expensive

online help desk software

That’s why we designed HelpSpot to create a knowledge base and make customer support as simple as possible:

We provide you with all the features you need to handle customer service requests (without all the extra bells and whistles).
All features are designed to be easy to learn and use very better
We keep prices transparent.
In this post, we’ll talk about Helpspot’s services and the steps to create a knowledge base on our help desk. Finally, we review four additional help desk solutions with built-in knowledge base software so you can compare the different options.

5 Top Help Desk Knowledge Base Software Options

  • HelpSpot
  • Zendesk
  • Freshdesk
  • Helpjuice
  • ProProfs Help Desk

Want to learn more about our knowledge base tools? Start building your team’s knowledge base and try all of our ticket management tools with HelpSpot’s free 21-day trial.


HelpSpot’s knowledge base is easy to use because it’s laid out in a book format, with a scannable table of contents and a powerful search function, so customers can find the information they need quickly and easily.

While building your knowledge base on HelpSpot, you also have the option of creating a self-service portal that allows your customers to submit tickets directly on your website. That way, if a customer can’t find the information they need based on your knowledge, they can turn to their agents for additional help.

Another benefit of email help desk software for building your knowledge base? All the articles you upload for your customers are stored in an internal knowledge base system, so your agents can easily retrieve them in email replies.

Searching Your Knowledge Base

Most knowledge management systems summarize articles into headings that cover a wide range of topics and are not properly categorized. Then simply offer a search bar to navigate the database.

This is problematic because most troubleshooting,esources are written by experienced agents. and those agents often use jargon and jargon. When articles are filled with industry-specific terms, customers often struggle to find the information they need—even in the search bar—because they don’t know the right terms to describe the problem they’re facing.

In contrast, HelpSpot’s table of contents search format allows customers to narrow down troubleshooting information and find what they need, even without the exact terminology.

Other Help Desk Knowledge Base Software to Consider

Still, do you want to compare other top knowledge-base software? In this section, we talk about four more help desks that help you find the right opportunity with built-in knowledge base tools.


Zendesk is an advanced customer service helpdesk solution with built-in CRM software and features to help teams handle support requests across multiple channels (SMS, email, chatbots, social media, etc.).

Zendesk also offers knowledge base management that supports 40 languages. This allows multiple knowledge bases to be created for different end users and regions.

Zendesk claims its customers have reduced customer service requests by 12 percent after building a knowledge base. However, their knowledge base features are only available at high price points, which may not be sustainable for small businesses and startups.


Freshdesk is a powerful customer service software that offers a knowledge management feature that makes it easy for customers to source their solutions. Freshdesk’s internal knowledge base promises to simplify the workflow of support agents. It comes with automated reports that measure the engagement and highlight content gaps. offers a free knowledge base option, but if you need other help desk features, be aware of your budget as Freshdesk’s pricing tiers can be expensive.

ProProf Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk offers a knowledge base feature that takes just a few minutes to get up and running: select ProProfs’ customizable knowledge base templates, start uploading your documents, manuals, and FAQ resources, and you’re good to go.

ProProfs doesn’t have a reporting feature, so if you want to understand how customers are using your knowledge base in real-time, you’ll need to connect your customer support to a third party like Google Analytics or Wufoo. Although their open API makes this possible, switching between software can be a time-consuming step as your customer base grows.


If you already have customer service software and just need a knowledge base, check out HelpJuice. Helpjuice is a knowledge-based software that boasts an intuitive interface with easy-to-use editing features, so you can start creating articles without any software training. They offer dozens of themes to customize your content.

Helpjuice favors its search function, which it claims is as thorough as Google, so customers can quickly find the information they need. They also provide reporting features so you can understand how your customers are using your knowledge base and determine what troubleshooting documentation you need to add.

Did you find the help desk knowledge base software your team needs?

Many help desk brands offer knowledge-base software to complement their core feature set, so finding a high-quality help desk knowledge-base software isn’t too challenging. As you shop around for options, think about each platform’s ease of use: Will it be easy to establish a knowledge base? Will you be able to keep your knowledge base current? Will your customers be able to find what they need?

online help desk software, HelpSpot differs from other help desk software in its simplicity: All of our features are easy to set up and manage — knowledge base included — so you can get the most out of our product with as little training as possible.

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