How Much Does Virtual Therapy Cost

Due to its availability and affordability, virtual therapy is an increasingly popular service compared to in-person visits. Without insurance, virtual therapy costs an average of $49.45 to $77.50 per week or about $198 to $310 per month. Costs may be affected by the number of sessions required and the type of service received.

Keeping up with virtual therapy can be expensive. Fortunately, Mira offers a cost-effective solution for you. Mira offers low-cost virtual care services, including behavioral health counseling, psychological services, and other online benefits, for $45 a month. These services are provided with affordable copies and can be used anywhere in the United States. Save more with Mira; Join today

The Cost of Different Virtual Therapy Services

There are many virtual therapy options available, each with different benefits. We’ve compiled a list of five popular services and looked at the average weekly cost of each. The prices listed below do not include insurance or other discount programs. On average, we found that virtual therapy costs ranged from $49.45 to $77.59 per week. Costs may vary depending on the service you receive and the number of sessions you need per month.

It is also important to note that prices can be significantly higher depending on the type of specialist you see and the type of therapy you receive. Additionally, if you prefer to see a therapist in person rather than sign up for a program, we can charge anywhere from $100 to $500 for a one-hour session.

Cost of Different Virtual Therapy Services Without Insurance

Source Virtual Therapy Cost Without Insurance
BetterHelp $60-90 per week
Talkspace $79-99 per week
Cerebral $64.75-81.25 per week
Wellnite $18.75 per week
Rethink My Therapy $24.75-39.75 per week

Factors that Influence the Cost of Virtual Therapy

The costs of virtual therapy can be influenced by several factors. First, the price can vary greatly depending on the company you choose. It is important to analyze your needs and determine which company best suits them. Fortunately, location does not affect the cost of therapy, as you can reach providers from all over the country.

Below is an overview of how the type of service you require and discount programs can affect the cost of virtual therapy.

Cost of Talkspace Monthly Membership Plans

Service Cost
Messaging Therapy $69 per week
Live Therapy $99 per week
Messaging + Live Therapy $129 per week

Cerebral is another company that offers different levels of plans; They offer therapy and medication + therapy. The basic therapy option provides unlimited messaging access to a licensed professional in addition to weekly video sessions. Although a more expensive option, their drug + therapy plan has proven to be the most effective. In addition to basic benefits, it offers monthly prescriptions and progress tracking.

Below is a cost breakdown of Cerebral’s two therapy options:

Cost of Cerebral Monthly Membership Plans

Service Cost
Therapy $64.75 per week
Medication + Therapy $81.25 per week

Some sites, like Rethink My Therapy, even have different tiers based on how many people sign up for the plan. Their packages are for individuals, couples and families. Couples packages allow you and your partner to schedule both individual and joint therapy sessions. Rethink My Therapy Family and Children’s plans accommodate up to four different individuals and provide access to interactive communities and webinars.

Here is a cost comparison of their three listed packages:

Service Cost
Single $24.75 per week
Couples $32.25 per week
Family and Children $39.75 per week

Before choosing the plan that best fits your lifestyle, many of these companies ask you to complete a survey or quiz to get started. Based on your answers, they can determine what level of care you may need. Some even allow you to chat with customer service or other representatives to evaluate the best plan for you.


Mira is another great way to save virtual therapy. For as little as $45 a month, Mira members can access a variety of virtual care services, including mental health counseling and prescription refills. Co-pays range from $5 to $15, making this option the cheapest of the previously mentioned programs. In addition, members have access to a variety of other health benefits, such as discounted prescriptions and low-cost emergency care, all at affordable prices.

Bottom Line

Virtual therapy has become an excellent resource for those who want to save their health. Many companies offer consulting services that average around $49.45 to $77.50 per week. These costs are usually paid without insurance. Prices vary depending on which company you use, what type of package you need, and what discounts you qualify for.

Finding a reliable and effective therapist can be difficult, especially if you are limited to your area. A great solution to this is to move your search online and sign up for virtual therapy. Mira offers a variety of telehealth counseling and medication services available for as little as $45 a month. Save big when your health is at your fingertips; Sign up for Mira today.

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