How to Survive a Long Job Search !

If you have the boot and find yourself in the job market, be prepared for a longer job search rather than a shorter job search. The competition for fewer jobs is fierce. Not only are there fewer jobs, but the hiring process is also taking longer.

How to survive a long job search campaign

You will survive by overcoming these seven common hurdles that job applicants face:

They change. You resist change. Because? Because you feel you lack control over your situation. You will regain control by taking the initiative to explore your options. Then make plans to take action.
When you can’t decide which option to choose, explore several for a while. Then narrow down your options after identifying your best opportunities.

A changing labor market. So the last time you had an interview was over 20 years ago? The way it is awarded has changed a lot since then. The application process is more complicated and as mentioned above takes more time and you have to face this fact.

Lack of symbiosis with research techniques. Job search professionals hone their job search skills and learn new skills. When your search takes too long, join your community’s pro club. You will find them in bookstores, in the basements of churches and temples. Some clubs have a guidance counselor available.
You can also work with a guidance counselor in your community. A trained professional advisor can quickly sort things out for you. It can help you land faster.

Avoid any consultant or recruiting agency that asks you to pay an upfront fee. Most of them are immoral or dubious artists. The best thing you can do is hire a career counselor who you can pay by the hour. You can therefore withdraw at any time if you are not satisfied.

Being scratched by technology. Technology has changed the way people work. Virtually every job under the sun requires some form of technology. Therefore, you may need to take courses in computer science that you miss or need for your next job. Job descriptions in the classifieds and on the web tell you the skills required for the type of job you are looking for. You need to learn the skills you lack.

Self-guilt. The decision to cut staff has nothing to do with their performance. It’s often the result of your company’s decision to downsize to increase profits. Losing your job was not your fault. Stop blaming yourself.

Talk about that. The stress of losing a job can be compared to a prolonged search to the stress of the death of a loved one, a move or a divorce. When anxiety is left untreated, it can lodge in your body and cause illness.
What’s the best way to deal with feelings? Talk about it with family or friends, at a work club, or with a mental health professional.

Lack of physical movement. You’ve heard the expression “You have to keep moving.” The more you research, the more you need to work on your daily exercise intervals. Medical experts tell us that exercising with proper nutrition and rest is the best way to reduce stress.
While you can’t conquer all of your stress, you will significantly reduce the stress on yourself, your friends, and your family by understanding and working to overcome these seven obstacles. And above all, the long job search will be shortened.

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