Love started six years ago with Shakib Khan : Bubli

Love started six years ago with Shakib Khan : Bubli

Love started six years ago with Shakib Khan : Bubli . At the time, Bubli posted a picture on Facebook with the caption “Family time.” The picture shows Shakib Khan in the center with Bubli’s family members around him.

The practice of Shakib-Apu-Bubli has started.

Later, she appeared on TV Live with Apu Biswas’ son Abram Khan Joy. Then they broke up. At that time, Apu often mentioned his love for Bubli Shakib. Although the actress did not directly say anything.

As soon as the news of Shakib-Bubli’s marriage and children came to light, there were strong rumors in the media about their divorce. There are rumors in the media that they broke up 8 months ago. But Bubli says this rumor is intentional. In his words: “Our separation is a lie. Look, every day we publish nice, good news with a picture of a baby, and this fake news comes out.

Bubli said, before ‘Basgiri’, we talked about another film, ‘Priya Re’. As a result, there was already some familiarity with him before filming. Also, I saw Shakib Khan for the first time in the film. Toward the end of the shooting of ‘Basgiri’, we developed a love affair. A few days after the wedding. Then the baby.

The secret romance that started 6 years ago, then the marriage and having children were also a secret. Bubli said about it, look, I didn’t hide the child’s business. If I wanted to keep it a secret, I wouldn’t have taken her to the shoot. At my workplace, more or less everyone knew about it since I had a child. It was an open secret. You must have noticed my pregnancy while shooting for Veer. Apart from that, both our families and close people – everyone knew. So it’s not a secret.


She also said that Shakib Khan named their child Jihad Khan. Shakib gave a list of names to Bubli after she gave birth to a child. The first name on the list was Shehzad Khan. This Arabic name means son of the king. Shakib preferred the first name on the list. But the Veer name is kept by Bubli and her mother.

It is to be noted that on 20 July 2018, Bubli said that she married Shakib Khan, a popular hero of Dhaka cinema. On March 21, 2020, they became the parents of a child. Their child’s name is Shehzad Khan Bir.


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