The Best Way to Find Entry Level Offshore Jobs !

Do you want more time to look for a job? Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

“Finding a job is a full-time job…and I already have a job.” How am I supposed to do? »

does that sound familiar to you? It’s a confusing dilemma in today’s world of over-planning, multi-tasking, and hyper-achieving. But there is help. These strategies and tools have been proven to generate at least 9 hours per week that can be used in your job search, when these tactics are used consistently and seriously.

Are you ready for the challenge? Here’s – 5 ways to find more hours for your job search:

(1) Disable all notifications on your smartphone and computer. (You earn a minimum of 2.5 hours)

It’s not as easy as it seems. It can be a multi-step process and can actually take a few weeks to figure out. First of all, just turning off Notification Center for a specific item (like an email or Facebook) doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t receive notifications anymore… oh no. There is more to do. Also, you need to disable Alert Template (to avoid getting banner alerts) and Badge app icon (or you will get icon popup notification number which again can make your addiction to frantic notification).

These steps should be followed for each app/feature on your iPhone. This by eliminating constant distractions (SQUIRREL!) can save about 10 seconds of checking each notification, about 150 notifications per day quietly, saving 2.5 hours per week (10 seconds x 150 notifications x 7 days).

(2) Unsubscribe from newsletters. Or at least delete it from your main email account. (You earn 3.25 hours per week.)

Unsubscribe from newsletters you haven’t read more than a week after receiving them. And others you read/verify for professional development and general interest, please redirect them to another email address reserved for newsletters. Gmail users can now use sorting and prioritization features to move newsletters to another area. Choose your poison, but do it now.

The good news: Your email can shrink to the point where you feel like you need to check that your email is working once in a while. (Can you say detox?) The time saved by not reading those e-mails too quickly, getting stuck and having to refocus on an ongoing project, can be very important. Instead, schedule two one-hour periods per week to read the articles in your newsletter email account. And since you are focusing on reading, you can create specific actions from the new knowledge that has been assimilated. Net time saving? 5.25 hours are saved minus two 3.25 hours.

(3) Establish job search processes and systems to simplify your time. (gain of 1h25)

Not having to compose messages and redo tasks and other communications from scratch every time will easily save you 1.25 hours per week. For example, if you send 5 mailings per week and each one takes 45 minutes (3.75 hours), if you set up custom templates for your most used document types and don’t start customizing them from scratch, you can easily reduce your application time by 33%, or save 1.25 hours.

The suggested processes for creation are:

• Create your CV as a personal template and feature sections to customize every time, but in an easy and fast way. Once you’ve made all of your customizations, save this version of your resume to the aforementioned resume file for easier future research.

• Get multiple templates to create custom cover letters (eg, formal, job posting response, networking, referenced So-in-So). Like the tip above, don’t start your customizations from scratch every time. Get template variations with common edits you make and start customizing later in the process, saving you time.

• Organize your time and applications with an Excel spreadsheet or apps like ApplyMate or JibberJobber to track dates

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