There are 5 main things to consider when choosing a firm!

In today’s economy, more and more companies are facing the need to reduce the number of employees in order to stay competitive. Here are five key pointers in choosing an offshore company if your business is already headquartered.

1. Types of services provided 6 The decisions you need to make about outsourcing are whether your displaced employees will benefit more from joint or individual outsourcing. For most outsourced employees, budget approval, one-to-one placement is the preferred option because it provides personalized support that will help them move faster than themselves.

If you decide that they will benefit the most from personal employment, then you need to determine which services are most valuable to your displaced workers. An alternative would be to choose an outside company to develop your resume and cover letter for them. Another option could be an outside company that provides office space and a computer for displaced workers to prepare materials for their job search.

2. Field of specialization. Another thing to consider when choosing an offshore company is whether it is important for you to have experience working with the type of employees you will send them to. The relevant factor is whether the outsourcing company is important to you in dealing with a company like yours.

If their areas of expertise are important to you, check out an outside company’s website and other marketing materials to find out what they specialize in or ask them directly. If the skills of your foreign placement company serve large companies to replace administrative staff and your small business replaces experienced managers, then this outsourced placement company may not be suitable for you. You.

3. Experience with current job search practice. How important is it for an employer to have experience with online job search techniques? Can the Internet play an important role in finding employment for displaced workers?

If you decide that an internet expert is an important evaluation point for an offshore company, see if the offshore company understands the importance of the internet in owning a website. Do you know the best online job sites? Do you offer a service for publishing CVs of second employees on major online job sites? Do you have the ability to electronically distribute resumes to a select group of employers and employers?

4. Support is provided all the time. Another factor to consider when choosing outsourced employment services is how long you feel the employee needs external support. Generally, the higher the position, the longer it takes for the displaced worker to find suitable employment.

The second thing to consider is whether the displaced worker will receive scheduled one-on-one sessions with a career transition consultant, or whether ongoing assistance only includes access to job search assistance materials.

5. Cost. External placement fees should be considered when choosing an offshore company. Check that outsourced collocation costs are clearly specified and mentioned on the outsourced collocation company’s website and in their marketing materials. Will you be charged if the second employee decides to contact the outsourcing company for assistance or will you be charged if the second employee receives assistance or not? Are there even affordable plans that provide services that you think would benefit your displaced employees the most without providing unwanted services?

Another cost factor to consider is whether the outsourcing placement company gives you the option to choose the custom outsourcing services according to your needs. Consider whether the outsourcing company charges a minimum fee or if they will already charge you for the number of their displaced employees, even if the number is less than one.

Considering each of these five factors, you can create effective selection criteria for choosing an external service provider that will meet the needs of displaced employees while respecting your budget constraints.

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